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Leaking Taps

The water crisis in Australia is a serious issue which is why wasting water in any way is something we can’t afford. A leaky faucet or leaking taps can end up wasting more water than a normal shower. It can end up wasting tons of water without even coming to realise there is a problem with your tap. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, or your backyard, there are taps everywhere, and a leak in any one of them is problematic. Anytime Melbourne Plumbing can help you get rid of the leak in no time. Our licensed and insured plumbers are trained to deal with any types of leaks, breakages, or bursts. So, give us a call today!

Why Is My Tap Leaking?

We have all been in the situation where the constant “drip, drip, drip” sound has driven us to madness. Don’t let yourself get so annoyed at a tap, just get it fixed. The most common reasons for a leak would be a faulty installation, broken seal or a fault further down the line. A faulty installation can cause a certain portion of the tap to be loose, causing it to leak. A badly installed O-ring or valve seat may be the cause of the leak. Regular usage can also wear down certain parts of the tap causing it to leak.  Furthermore, leaks in the main pipeline are sometimes undetectable but with our technology, we can find and fix the problem without any fuss. Getting your taps checked by our team today for leaks and breaks.

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Fix A Leaking Tap - Professional Plumbers

A leaking tap can waste litres and litres of water if not fixed quickly. The plumbers at Anytime Melbourne Plumbing are here to fix your taps for you and fast. We have the skill and expertise to deal with leaks of any size. Don’t think that turning the tap off harder than normal will fix the problem. Doing this will only end up causing more damage! We strive to help you save as much water as possible and guarantee that your taps will work as good as new.

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We provide emergency plumber services at all hours, 24/7. Our plumbers are available at any time and will get to your location ASAP. We believe in providing a clean and efficient service every time. Our team believes in ensuring your comfort and works towards zero wastage. Whether it is an emergency or a general plumbing problem, give us a call.