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Leaking Roofs & Gutters

No one wants to wake up to water dripping on to their face on a rainy night. There is a reason why we have roofs over our heads. However, if your roof is leaking you’re going to need leaking roofs & gutter repairs. Anytime Melbourne Plumbing provides the finest roof and gutter repair services in Melbourne. Our team of expert plumbers have many years of experience repairing and restoring roofs. We can easily handle any roof repairs and even clean or replace your gutters. Our plumbers are all licensed and insured and have the required skills and knowledge to carry out any plumbing task set out for them. Our motto is to always be on time and do a clean job every time, leaving you with lasting results. Give us a call today and get your roof repaired by a professional!

What To Do If You Detect A Leak?

Roof leaks can be costly, so the faster you fix them the better it is for you and your family. A leak usually takes a lot of time to grow big enough to be harmful. However, if it is hidden there is no way you can stop it from growing. If your roof is developing mold, there are strange puddles of water in your home or there’s clearly water leaking through the ceiling, you need to get it checked. If you’ve discovered a leak but a plumber can’t help immediately (due to current rain or otherwise), here’s what you can do:

  1. Damage Control: isolate the areas where the leak sprouts. Cover your furniture and carpets with tarps or move them out of the affected area.
  2. Store it, throw it: if the leak is too big and starts dripping down, put something below to store the water and stop it spreading. For a mood booster, you can use this water for plants.
  3. Dry everything: if your furniture and carpets have been exposed to water, dry them off quickly with a towel or hairdryer. Water can do a lot of damage if left alone.
  4. Call us: after taking care of all of your belonging, get in touch with us. Our roofing experts can get rid of the leak in your roof.
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Leaking Roofs & Gutter Repair Service

Our services are not limited to leaking roofs but also to gutter leaks and repairs. Gutters are usually attached to your roof with the sole purpose of collecting and transferring rain water into drains, keeping it away from your home’s foundations. However, things such as dirt, dust and leaves can easily fall into your gutters, eventually blocking it. This blockage can lead to sagging and finally result in the gutter pipe breaking. Our team can ensure that your gutters remain clean and healthy at all time. We have the technology required to keep your gutters clean and can also install devices that will ensure your gutter remains clean. Call us and let us know what the problem is and we will fix it.

Get The Plumbing Service You Need

Anytime Melbourne Plumbing is available 24/7 at your service. We perform all sorts of plumbing tasks and are certified professionals. Our team will always ensure that all your plumbing systems are functioning perfectly well. If you face a leaking roof emergency, call our emergency plumber team immediately. We will be at your location ASAP. Just let us know what the problem is and we will guide you through the immediate steps you have to take. Leave it to us to repair your roof!