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Blocked Drains

Nobody wants to deal with an overflowing toilet or drain. It’s unpleasant and frustrating, not to mention costly. Anytime Melbourne Plumbing are the leading blocked drains specialists in Melbourne. If there’s a blockage in your kitchen sink, toilet or even your sewer drain, our team can fix it. With the help of specialised latest technology and expert plumbers, clearing out drains has never been easier. Don’t look any further. Get a licensed and insured plumber to visit your home today and clean out that annoying blockage. You shouldn’t have to deal with blockages on your own. If the plunger just isn’t working, call us today!

What Causes A Blockage?

There are several reasons why your drains could be blocked. We’ve found toilet drains and bathroom sinks blocked by hair, sanitary napkins, toothpaste deposits, wet wipes, and more stuck in the drains. There is a reason why you shouldn’t put certain things in the drains, and that is to avoid a drain blockage. Kitchen sinks usually have grease and food waste that gets stuck in the drain. And sewer pipes can become clogged due to invading tree roots, leaves, dirt, and debris. Regular cleaning of the drains inside your home can ensure there are no major blockages forming.

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Clean Out The Blockage

There are a lot of DIY techniques available on the internet to help clear out blocked drains. However, it is always best to call a professional plumber to deal with the situation. If things like plungers, homemade solutions, or store-bought chemicals don’t work, we can help. Our plumbers have the right type of technology, from drain snakes to water jets, to clear out any blockage. We also have CCTV sewer drain cameras to find the problem in underground pipes that can’t be reached easily. Contact our team today for quick service.

Get Your Blocked Drains Fixed Today!

Do not prolong the matter when it comes to blocked drains. If you have the slightest indication of a blockage get a professional to look at it. Blocked drains can be quite a nuisance and can cause your pipes to break which can further lead to other problems. Hence, it is best to call the expert immediately and get the job done.